Q: I just bought a new Race Face part for my bike. What should I do now!?
A: Race Face recommends having a professional bicycle mechanic at a bike shop install and service your Race Face components. If you have questions regarding your product or bike set up and you cannot find the answer on our website, you will find that your local bike shop can usually address your question in person better than we can over the phone or via email.
Q: How do I install my new Race Face dropper post?
A: We have a lovely and very detailed VIDEO that takes you all the way through the Turbine post install. We also have a pictorial instruction guide that is located HERE.
Q: Where do I send my warranty?
A: If you live in Canada or the US, return the product to where you purchased it from originally. The dealer will then contact Race Face and will discuss your warranty case with us and things will proceed from there.

For International customers, return the product back to the place of original purchase and they will work with the Race Face Distributor in your area to sort out a solution for you.

DO NOT send product directly back to Race Face without having contacted your original dealer. Warranty returns need to be issued an RA# by Race Face. Any product shipment arriving at Race Face without a proper RA# will be returned to sender.
Q: Do I require a special removal tool for my X -type cranks?
A: No, you do not. There is no "tool" other than that the "puller-cap" already installed on your drive arm that will do all the work for you.
*There is no need for the 10mm cap to be removed for the installation/removal process at any point.
Q: Are my cranks 10-speed compatible?
A: SEE 10 Speed FAQ
Q: My X-Type cranks feel tight when I turn them. How can I fix this?
A: There are a number of reasons that the cranks could feel excessively tight to turn.
*Improper spacing is BY FAR the leading cause of "tight" crank issues. Too many spacers is the culprit in most cases, and some steps need to be taken to insure you have the correct amount of spacers for your particular set up.

1. Ensure BB shell threads are chased cleanly and that BB shell is faced (after painting). *MEASURE ACCURATELY - we are dealing with fractions of a millimeter here!!!
2. Ensure BB shell width is within tolerance. If it is too wide:face-mill BB shell down until it is within required spec. If the shell width is correct, and the problem still exists, try the following options:

- Remove assembly from bike.
- Remove 1 x 1mm chainline spacer seal (preferably from non-drive side so chainline isn't affected).
- Re-install remaining spacer seal and re-install assembly onto bike.

- Remove assembly from bike.
- Remove spacers seal(s) from LH (non-drive) side of spindle assembly.
- Remove 3.5mm Quad-Ring preload elastomer from recess in LH crank and replace with supplied 2.5mm pre-load elastomer (flat shape, black rubber) into recess in LH crank.
- Re-install spacers and re-install assembly onto bike.
Q: What size of BB shells will my X-type cranks work with?
A: The standard model X-Type crank will work with 68mm and 73mm shells. A longer spindle crank arm set for our DH cranks may be ordered in the 83mm and 100mm DH shells widths. The spindle itself is NOT replaceable.
Q: My bike has a 150mm rear end, will the X-type work?
A: The Diabolus will work on most bikes with the 150mm rear spacing. Some dual suspension bikes may require the use of the 83mm cranks. The 83mm cranks can be used with 68/73mm BB shell applications where a wider chainline is necessary, or frame/pivot clearance is an issue. This is done with the addition of a "retro-fit-kit" available from your dealer.
Q: Can I run a single speed set up on my X-type crank?
A: Yes, all models of our cranks can be assembled as a single speed set up.
Q: Are the X-type cranks compatible with chain guide systems?
A: Yes, the Diabolus X-type has been designed with the necessary spindle width to accommodate most chain guides with little modification. The Atlas AM crank will also work with some chainguide systems depending on the width of the chainguide bracket itself. An ISCG (International Standard Chain Guide adapter) is included with the Diabolus DH crankset, and available as an accessory for the Atlas.

We do strongly suggest the use of chainguide systems that mount to the frame of the bicycle and not the BB shell because of the offset of the chainline that some chainguides systems may cause.
Q: Are the Race Face X-type BB's compatible with Shimano's version?
A: Yes, Race Face and Shimano external bearing BB's are compatible with each other.
Q: Where do the 1mm spacers go when I'm installing my crank?
A: The small spacers are used to adjust your chainline from side to side to reach the ideal chain line position for your set up. The standard configuration of 1mm spacers is going to be 1x 1mm red and 1x 1mm black spacer on the drive side of the spindle and 1x 1mm black spacer on the non-driveside of the spindle.
Q: What tool do I need to install the X-type cups?
A: We recommend the Park BBT-9, or the Shimano Ti-FC32/33.
Q: Can I order parts directly from you?
A: No, unfortunately not. Parts may be purchased from our dealers only. Many replacement pieces or parts that are not listed in current dealer catalogues may still be available. Dealers can inquire for specific requests.
Q: Can I put bar ends on my Race Face carbon handle bars?
A: Yes, you can install bar ends on our carbon flat bars ONLY. The Next XC flat bars will support bar ends with the addition of bar reinforcement plugs. On Next XC carbon low rise bars, RaceFace does not recommend using bar ends. Bar end reinforcement plugs do not come with the Low rise carbon bars, and the flat bar reinforcement plugs will not fit the ends of these bars.
Using bar-ends without the supplied BERPs or on our Low Riser bars will void your warranty.
Q: Do I require a receipt when I send in my warranties?
A: Yes, any warranties being sent in will require a copy of the original receipt (component or bike). This will need to be faxed to warranty with an RA# for all returns outside of Canada.