Braden Schleith 2013

Hey Guys! 2013 was the sickest year of my career! Check out my recap!

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Braden Schleith 2012

Hey guys, this season was rad! Learned way more then I expected to, and it turned out great! Heres my 2012 season promo, enjoy!

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Spring Project

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Braden Schleith

Hey guys my name is Braden Schleith 13 years old from kelowna bc canada. I have been riding for 2 years now and have gained a ton of experience. I feel that I at a high skill level for my age. Also very mature for how old I am. I love represtenting companies and seeing them progress. My current sponsors are Raceface components, demon dirt clothing, morpheus bikes, and kelowna cycle. Shout out to all of them for getting me this far! This year I plan to go to some various events including race the ranch downhill bike race, wam bam dirtjump jam, kelowna cycle super d race, and silverstyle slopestyle bike jam. Wish me luck! I love meeting new people and helping companies grow and expand there product.

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