Lewis Seagram:Muddy Day At The Jumps

Dirt Jumping in Nelson BC on Pinkbike

Cool little edit shot by Bohdan Doval of me and some buddies!

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Lewis Seagram: 2012 Video

2012 was an awesome season.
I was able to travel lots, compete in some sick events, progress my riding, film, and have a lot of fun!
This was also my first year riding for Race Face which has helped me out immensely.
Having the support of Race Face enabled me to trick out my bikes with the very best components
I am really stoked to be part of such an incredible Canadian company and I hope I can continue riding for Race Face next year as well.
Enjoy my video,

[Lewis Seagram 2012] on Pinkbike

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Lewis Seagram:Photos


A few weeks ago I got together with Sebastian Lutz to take some pictures at the Rosemont bike park.
We didn’t have the best light as the sun had already gone down but I was still really stoked with the outcome.

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Lewis Seagram At The Huck en Berries Bike Jam

Hey guys,
On September 8th I competed in my last competition of the year; the Huck en Berries bike jam in Rossland BC.
This comp is always a super good time with dialed jumps, a really layed back rider judged format and all the local riders throwing down and having a good time. I was able to put together a run I was pretty happy with, I’m not sure what my result is yet but I’m guessing its in the top 5. My brother Oscar filmed a bit of the comp and I threw together this little video showing my runs.

Rossland Huck en Berries Bike Jam: The Nelson Crew on Pinkbike

I am also featured in this edit of the competition that Bohdan Doval produced.

Rossland Rubberhead Huck ‘en Berries Bike Jam 2012 on Pinkbike

Over all it was an awesome day and I can’t wait for next year!
Thanks to Race Face for their support.

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Summer Fun

As the last days of summer have been winding down, I have been trying to cram in as much riding as possible.
After competing in the Wam Bam dirt jump jam in Fernie, I drove out to Vernon with Sebastian Lutz and his family for the Momentum BC Cup DH race at the Silver Star bike park. The course for the race was down Dags Downhill which is a very fun trail with a lot of variety.The top part of the trail is super rocky and a bit loose, the middle section of the trail is in the forest where you have to navigate some tight trees, roots and loam.Then coming into the bottom of the trail you ride into an open grassy field with high speed off camber corners, a big table top jump, and then a sprint to the finish. My race run felt great; I rode fast, yet in control and blasted the last jump coming into the finish line with my speed being 42km/hr on the final sprint. I placed 9th in u19 citizen with a time of 4:01; an improvement from 10th place at my last race.

During the month of August I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work at Bald Face Lodge near Nelson building mountain bike trails with Mike Kinrade. Although building alpine trails is very hard work, it was extremely rewarding to see the trails finally completed at the end of the month and get to ride them. It was an amazing experience and really cool to get to know Mike and the rest of the Bald Face crew.

In between working I returned to Silver Star for the second annual free ride bike festival and slope style competition. This year the course was even bigger and had some really fun features. During the competition I had some big bails in my run trying to 360 the biggest jump so unfortunately I did not podium. I did have a lot of fun riding the the course and hanging out with my friends from Kelowna.

And finally the latest thing I have been doing is working on and riding the Rosemont bike park in Nelson. I’m hoping to build my dirt jump skills in time for the upcoming “Huck en Berries Slope Style” in Rossland next weekend, so here is a short self filmed edit of me riding the medium jump line.

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Fernie Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam!

Hi guys,
last weekend I competed in the Wam Bam Dirt jump Jam competition in Fernie BC.
This was my first time competing at an FMB World Tour bronze event and It was really cool to be riding with and competing against some of the pros.
The course was really dialed and the comp was at night under flood lights. I tried my hardest hitting all the extra large jumps with style and throwing down some nice 360s but it was not enough to make it into the finals. Right now I am working on revamping my trick jump so I hope to learn some new tricks be a better contender for my next competition. My Atlas bars are still working great for me and I can’t wait till the rest of my RF order comes in. Here are a couple of cool photo’s of me from the comp shot by Kyle Hamilton:

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Trick Jumping With Atlas

A couple of weeks ago I put my fresh new Race Face Atlas bar on my hard tail and took it for a spin at the park.
By far the best bar I’ve ever rode; perfectly wide, light, stiff, and looks amazing too!
Here’s the short video we got:

Trick Jump Short on Pinkbike

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I have always wanted to ride Kamloops , but until this spring have never had the opportunity. The countless web images of the surreal landscape that boasts dusty rolling hills, deep clay canyons, and sparely treed slopes made Kamloops seem like an ideal location for biking. On the last weekend of spring break,  I had the opportunity to drive out to the loops with Sebastian Lutz and his family for the weekend. It was the first time we had been on our bikes in over six months because of the snowy winters we receive in the Kootenays and it felt amazing to get back into biking and soak up the warm Kamloops sun shine! We had one and a half days  to ride as much as we could and also get a bit of footage and the Kamloops Bike Ranch did not disappoint! Our expectations of  the riding Kamloops has to offer were exceeded and we left feeling stoked on the trip but sad to return to the three feet of snow at home. Photo’s were shot by Eli Lutz, video by me and Seb.

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