Santa Cruz Photo Shoot

Last weekend i ventured out into the forests of Santa Cruz on the hunt for some epic pictures. It was my first real photo shoot with a professional photographer and i couldn’t be more pumped on how they all all turned out!

Check them out.

Photo Creds: Mario Guel

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1st Place on St. Patty’s Day

On March 17,2013 I raced in the first Pro GRT of the 2013 season and took home gold. It was my first national race and a great start to the new season. I am so stoked to say i ride for such awesome companies and i want to say thank you to all of them once again for helping me take the win!

Check out some photos below of the gnarly course full of dry dirt and sharp rocks.

Pinned over the start gate drop!

Rolling off the waterfalls.

Overall it was a very successful weekend and i am glad to say i came away with a clean win! Can’t wait until Sea Otter. Stay tuned!

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Owen O’Malley’s Bike Check 2013

This year for the 2013 race season, i’m pumped to announce i will be riding for Specialized Bicycles. I will be racing the majority of the PRO Grt and MTB GP National series’ races in the CAT 1 division. Specialized Bicycles has teamed up with my other sponsors and are putting in a lot of support to get me out to all these races and i can’t thank them enough. I just can’t wait until later in the season for races such as Crankworx and Jr National Champs. These will be super beneficial for my racing career and i hope to learn a lot.

Anways check out the new steed!


2013 Specialized Demo 8
(Pictures are stock build currently. Will be getting sponsor parts soon. Stay tuned for updated pictures always!)

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End of the Season

Far Right: Owen O’Malley

This past Sunday i competed for the first time since i broke my collarbone in September. It was a rough result with a fourth place finish in the individual race. However i placed 2nd place in the overall series which was a huge accomplishment. But It showed me that i have to work hard this off season to get back up to speed.

I am super stoked to announce that i am on Specialized Bicycles for 2013 and getting the new bike all built up only last week was very exciting. It was super fun to race on and i can’t wait to get it spec’d out with Race Face gear.

It was the greatest experience getting back out on the bike after sitting out for so long, and its always fun to let loose and throw some big air!

It was a great way to end a late season and i would like to thank all my sponsors for a memorable year. I took the overall win at the Northstar series, 4th place at Sea Otter, and the Overall 2nd place Title for CCCX. Along with countless podiums along the way.

Thank you so much to Race Face, Fox Racing Shox, E*thirteen, Jetzone, Pivothead, and also Trailhead Cyclery. I will have an update on sponsors, gear, and bikes for 2013. So stay tuned! I look forward to racing nationally next year and to take my riding to the next level.

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Injury Update

Towards the end of the 2012 season i suffered a collarbone break about 3 weeks ago in my race run on Boondocks at Northstar race #7. This was a huge bummer for me because i had taken the series by points and i didnt even need to be competing in this race. But unfortunately that is what happens in this sport we all love. Due to a pedal clip on a sharp boulder, i was thrown off the bike into a rock garden and slammed my shoulder onto a rock, snapping my clavicle in half.  (Picture below)

Broken Colar Bone #3 X-ray

This is my third collarbone break in 5 years. This will be the second time breaking my left clavicle and only once on my right. The doctor cleared me to ride in 4-5 weeks from the day of the break, 9/16/2012. That was three weeks ago and i have slowly regained strength in my shoulder. Since the race season is over and i am not in any hurry to stress it out any more then necessary, i will not be riding for another 4 weeks most likely. In the mean time i will my doing plenty oh physio and muscle exercises so i am able to get right back up to race speed when i get the new bike for next season. This season was my best yet and i finished the Northstar series overall in first place. None of this could be possible without the great support from my sponsors, especially RaceFace. Thank you guys so much for everything and i look forward to next year hopefully racing for this great company again.

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Northstar Race #4

Northstar #4 of the series was a nailbiter for sure. The course was a mix of three popular trails. Speed Control to Manure Pile to Pho Dogg for the pedal finish. I took lots of practice runs down this track, it is pretty wide open and loose, no need for brakes through the fast berms on Speed Control (Thank you to the Northstar crew for giving those some love). Then work your way down and it gets tighter, but still no need to get on those brakes. The only rocks on course were a little flat section that you pushed through on Pho Dogg, then off the ladder. After practice day, i felt solid and booked it home for a good nights rest.

I was sure of all my lines and took a quick run down to double check everything. Ate lunch then headed up the lift for the race run. Race run went smoothly, but didn’t pedal as much as i’d liked in some sections. This came back to bite me in the butt later on.

When i came down over the finish line, i knew it wasn;t my best. I turned around to see the time on the clock. Dissapointed, i watched rider after rider come down. I was still holding lead surprisingly, when a rider came down and knocked me into 2nd place for the day. I was only beaten by .09 os a second. This was definitely frustrating.

Overall it was a good weekend of racing with the Livewire Classid the day before! Check back soon for updates on the 6th Annual Live Wire classic. I am still in first place for the series and am after the Overall title.

Stoked on all the support from all my sponsors. #raceface #foxracingshox #pivothead #e*thirteen #trailheadcyclery #jetzone

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1st Place by 12sec. Northstar #5

Northstar #5 of the series was again another combo of all Vista trails to avoid the heavily beaten Dog Bone. The trail combo for the track was Sinuous to Karpiel to Speed Control to Pho Dogg. I was feeling extremely well the entire weekend and my nelwy setup Raceface bar and stem combo were making my super confident pedaling into the gnarliest of things. I really love the feel of the bars, (definitely one of my favorites). After 5 or so practice runs, i had a minor technical and had to replace deraileur and cable..etc This didn’t phase me at all. I hopped on the bike and had about 2 more practice runs and then called it a day for some pizza in the village with the bros!

Come race day, everything felt right and i knew i could pull the win off. My bike was feeling as solid as ever and i had all the sections completely pinned. I went up for my race run and got in the line of riders at the top. Beep..Beep..Beep..Beep.Beep..Beep! Go! On that sixth and final beep and came out pedaling super hard. My whole run felt as smooth as ever and all the lines were coming extremely easy. I came across the finish and looked at the time. I had smashed the competition by a whopping 12.78seconds and took the 1st place podium.

I don’t think i could have done this without all the help and support from my sponors.

Thank you so much! #raceface #foxracingshox #pivothead #e*thirteen #trailheadcyclery #jetzone

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Back to Back Wins!

First Place Podium CCCX

Week #1

Two weeks, two wins. That was the goal going into the next month in the racing season….. Goal achieved! The two races i competed in were completely different all together terrain and location wise, but i came away with the Gold medal in both.

The first race was the 7th out of 8 of the local CCCX series hosted by Keith Defiebre in Monterey, CA at Toro Park. This race is a Super-D type Enduro course with fire roads, single-track, off camber chutes, drops offs, natural jumps, and lots of pedaling. The ground is dry, hard-packed, and slick in many sections. Tire choice and air pressure were a key to overall speed. Race day in Monterey was in the high 90 degrees range and was super hot for racing. I pulled together a great run and won the category by a good 9 seconds.

Week #2

Week No. 2 was an epic weekend, from messing around on Livewire and Gypsy and the Northstar Bike Park, to getting lines together for the race down Sticks & Stones.  Sticks& Stones was a very rocky, pedaling, tiring, and long race track. My time coming in at 6:05, it was a long course indeed. I had the day before to get my practice runs in and i felt strong with all my choices. Come race day i felt good and dropped in for my race run, i made a few mistakes up top but i came down the mountain in one piece and podiumed 1st place.

After both of the updated results i am now the current overall points leader and am holding 1st place overall for both the 2012 CCCX DH Series Jr Boys. 14-16  and Northstar Sport 14-17. I hope to keep this spot to the end! More updates to come….

Stoked on all the support from all my sponsors. #raceface #foxracingshox #pivothead #e*thirteen #trailheadcyclery #jetzone

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