Not just for the Bike !!

This summer I took some time off from the bike.  Not long – just a  few days to Guide a Heli Hiking trip for CMH . . .   It was in between a Heli Bike trip to the Yukon (which I’ll write about soon) and 5 week road trip to Whistler . . .

The point.

My Race Face Soft Goods joined me on that adventure too.  My Piper Jacket has taken me to some pretty cool places – ON and Off the bike…

Flying into The Middle of No Where from the Middle of No Where - A remote zone deep in the Purcell Mountains very few on the planet will ever see . . .

Taking one for the team - collecting Glacier Ice for fine drinks back at the Lodge . . . best ice cubes on the planet!! (The sweet chunk of ice isn't pictured . . .)

Not a bad place to learn the Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan

and Spontaneous Yoga . . . waiting for the Heli isn't so bad !!

Guest being loaded, Glacier Ice secured in the ski basket . . . time to head back to the Lodge and back to my BiKE !!

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Captured – A couple warm up laps in Whistler

LB Crabapple Edit

A Chris Ricci creation.

2013 has been off to an amazing start…

Chris Ricci captured one of my first days back at the Whistler Bike Park with a ‘fun’ edit – warm up lap on Dirt Merchant / Aline then to my favorite bike park run of all time Crabapples!!!   It was day III in the Park and I’m riding even stronger now.  Can’t wait for Crankworx and the legendary Whip Off  World Champs!

Check it here on Pinkbike.com.

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Capturing Bike Deams

I love riding my bike.

It makes me smile to know part of my ‘job’ is to capture those fun moments and in turn inspire!  Inspire others to do things they might not have dreamed and inspire yourself to keep on dreaming….

Here’s a piece I just put together with all the recent images captured from amazing bike photographers Sterling Lawrence, Mason Mashon, Ryan Creary, Paris Gore and Bruno Long.  So much fun…

Read Capturing the Summer on lorraineblancher.com.

One of the shots in KMC Article - Femme Pedale

Stay tuned to see more sweet images captured starting with a siiiiick Gravity Girls trip to El Salvador next week!


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El Salvador! Mid Winter DH Dream

So excited about this trip!

I’ll be heading down to El Salvador next month with a crew of gravity girls wanting to get their mid winter DH Shred on! I first went to the country this fall for some last minute warm water surf before the Canadian winter hit and realized within moments of riding some quality DH on a borrowed Demo 8, this place was my ultimate DH getaway!

Jumped a trail called "Dirt Merchanto" till the sunset! My friends in Whistler came up with that after I excitedly told them of my favorite run.... Those who know Whistler know why! So much fun!!!

When it’s this good you can’t keep it all to yourself!  STOKED it all came together to bring a legit crew of girls to shred this country first.  The trip is already sold out it’s that good.

BiG thanks to this crew! Can't wait to be back next month.

If you want to read about the camp your missing, check it this.

If you want to read how it came to be, read this!

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Goodbye Winter!

My winter is winding down in Revelstoke and I am excited!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love winter.  Deep powder, steep fall lines and plenty of both is why I originally moved here.  Revelstoke has always been renown for its epic snow, numerous powder days and happens to be the epicenter of unbelievable Heli Ski terrain.

Favorite Race Face Piper Jacket enjoying winter too!

Five winters ago, the ultimate happened.  They put a chair lift to the top of a local mountain giving Revelstoke North Americas longest vertical ski hill, complete with perfect fall line.  Having moved here over a decade ago, I feel like I have won the winter lottery.  An amazing ski hill, tons of unbelievable ski touring terrain and every so often a lift a helicopter or New Years Day ride in a Cat with Retallack, makes the mountains covered by snow not so bad.  And this winter, the snow keeps on falling.  It is April and another 40cm is in the short term forecast!

Heli Boarding, CMH Galena!!!

If it wasn’t for the calendar and my future plans, I would think that summer was far away… but it’s not!  In three weeks it will be the start of  dirt and BIKES with another trip to Costa Rica – my favorite winter get away!  This time I am packing up my sweet Specialized Safire and checking out the xc /all mountain scene (after 3 weeks of Peaks and Swells surf camp)!

If anyone wants to mountain bike in Costa Rica, check out the Big Mountain Trips.  Last winter, I guided 2 of their Pura Vida DH trips, and am still smiling. Can’t wait to be back!

Another winter bonus, Glacier Ice - best ice cubes on the planet!

So many good things planned for summer 2012 and this will be the ultimate start.  Till then, goodbye winter and soon, hello summer!!!

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Costa Rica! A Mid Winter Dream…

In a month I will be packing up my DH bike and flying South to ride some sweet Costa Rican Mountains with the guests of Big Mountain.  Pretty excited as the stories I’ve heard from Wade Simmons and Paulo Valle about the trip sound amazing!  Imagine an Mtb trip full of amazing DH trails, unique local culture and great beverages.   The days will start with some tasty locally-grown coffee, (something I love) to loading up the trucks to blast various Costa Rican mountains (something else I love!) and ending with a few local beers and great conversation with other passionate riders… Yep, this mid winter trip to me sounds pretty gem to me!

Can't wait!

Want to join?!? Click here

Big Mountain Bike Adventures, offering you the sweetest bike destinations on this planet!

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The Real Deal!

"Lorraine Blancher Interview, The Real Deal. Lorraine rides like a girl - a girl who goes big and charges hard - as the wicked photos by Sven Martin attest"

Honored to be featured in NSMB e.MAGAZINE, even more honored with the title and opening words Chris Winter and Cam McRae, excited about the images from Sven Martin and the comments from the readers made me smile….  Overall just stoked!

Check it out here!

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A trip like no other!!

Arriving at Lorna Lake in style

Early Monday morning, as the dust was still settling from Crankworx, I found myself flying into the remote Coastal Mountains for one the most amazing bike trips of my life.

I was joining Chris Winter from Big Mountain Bike Adventures as a Tail Guide for an ultimate Bike Trip/Product Launch.   He was flying  7 media publications, 2 heads from Specialized Product & Marketing and renown photographer  Sterling Lorence deep into the South Chilcotins for one unbelievable Big Mountain experience that I was stoked and honoured to be apart of.   No one knew of a product launch so epic, and the best part was…it was all girls!!  (Well besides Chris and Sterling.)
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The Bible of Biking

So, with all the coaching I have been doing this summer, Summer Gravity Camps, Sacred Rides, Silver Star Privates, etc.  It’s kinda cool that I get the 1.5 page SWEET Gap shot in “Mountain Biking, The Manual” by Chris Ball

Image from Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine's Web Post

This book looks amazing and might just be what the coaching/riding world has been waiting for.

Check out Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine’s link for more information on the Author and his in depth cast of contributors.


Big thanks to Sven Martin for taking the Image.

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Giving Back!

Learning to be road safe!

Over the weekend I had the chance to give back to my local cycling community in a new way.  The Revelstoke RCMP hosted a Rules of the Road Course and Bike Safety Check.

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