Kinrade Season End’r

It’s almost winter here in Nelson, and I’m reflecting back on how the season was for me. Like every year it gets better and better, but I can’t shake that dramatic crash I had at the Rampage and how it immobilized me for almost a month. This isn’t the image that I want in my head when I reflect on the time spent with my bike, my friends, and the mountains that I love. I needed to get out one more time and ride something spectacular and challenging. I want to find a line never ridden before, and one that would have to be pretty gnarly. The journey up to it brings me back to why I love riding my bike. It’s the time spent in the mountains and with your good friends that is really how I remember my season, the scary line is the cherry on top.


Kinrade- Season end’r on Pinkbike

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Rampage Perspective

“This is an interview done by RedBull asking me to give a veteran perspective on the history of the Rampage and how it has changed as an event and how it has changed for me as a rider. As someone who has competed in all f them, the event hold a special place in my life and how I approached it this year was different in the past. Enjoy!

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Kinrade Spring sessions.

I know it’s Summer now, but I’m someone who always remembers where I came from.

Spring is always the best time to get stoked for the upcoming season, and we need spring (no matter how wet it gets) to prepare for the shredding that is about to happen in Summer. For me it is a time when friends get together and have fun, dust off the cob webs of winter, travel around to our favourite riding spots, and go where ever the snow isn’t. Early season in Nelson, BC means snow, and lots of it. Even right now we are still trampling through the white stuff up high, but there is lots of fresh loamy, tacky dirt to roop up! Riding, building, camping, traveling and spending an entire summer solstice day riding. Piling into the back of the truck, and having all your friends on the same vibe… to get as much riding in as the day will allow. These are the days that define why I love this sport.

I think we can all agree that for most of the time while riding with friends, we don’t like to stop to film one another. I’ve done that my whole career, and as much as I love filming and getting cool shots, I’d much rather just shred, and so would my fellow riders. That’s why I made this a POV video because we can see what it’s like when there isn’t a camera around… but there is… trippy.

Thanks to CONTOUR for helping with this one! – Kinrade

Mike Kinrade – Contour Spring Sessions on Pinkbike

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Kinrade Contour moments! – Double Drop

Fun line I hit while filming for Freeride’s “Where the Trail Ends”

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Balls… We ALL have them.

STUND Season 3

We need them and what we choose to do with them is completely up to us, but they are a definitive driving force in our lives and in the creation of lives. Life would not be much fun without them, actually, it would not exist without them. Everything has to come from our balls. The first time you decide to take a chance, it comes form your balls. When you’re pinning it down a trail on the way to the finish line or cooking into a stepdown staring at what can look like the end of the world these things are what’s driving you. Sure, your head is helping you think about what to do and your heart is keeping the blood moving around, but what got you in that position in the first place? And what is going to make sure you commit right to the end??? That’s right.

Now I know that some of you may read this and think it to be a primal statement of a typical male who’s mind is between his legs but Elanor Roosevelt said “Do something that scares you every day” What do you think SHE was talking about? use your head and take a chance? I think not. It’s not guts or heart or your head that drives you to accept a challenge, it’s your balls. You don’t ask someone you are interested in on a date because your mind tells you it would be a logical thing to do, no! you grow a pair and step up. I would argue that it is the lower testosterone channeled sense of enlightenment rather than a higher cranial calculation. Now… you can combine all your other “organs” to give your balls some additional perspective and thought, but first you must know where it all comes from. and that my friends is your balls. Use them, let them move you, and direct your life. Big things come in big packages after all.

Photo: John Wellburn - Some site poached this and posted it everywhere. Pretty funny.

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Good Times on Bikes, a photographic memory of my years.

Over the past few years I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with some amazing visual artists, AKA photographers. I wanted to share some photos I dug up in the dusty old memory banks of my laptop. Most of these photos never made it anywhere sadly, some are just ones I randomly took, but I love them all.

Thanks to all these photographers! You bring out the art in us all.

Check out more here PS: You need to be logged on to facebook for this.

Check out more here

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Kinrade’s Summer of Contour

Technology has done some amazing things for biking, and one of the coolest is the ability for us to now film and watch what the rider sees with his/her own eyes.

This is an edit dedicated to all the fun that we have with our friends out on the trails!

It’s unmistakable that the best thing about mountain biking is shredding with friends, and the best thing about having these mini HD cameras is being able to record it with no effort, watch it later with a few beers, and share it with the rest of the world. Here’s an edit that Tamas Forde and I put together from footage of myself out shredding with my friends through out this past summer.

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Kinrade’s Rampage crash…

It was practice day for the riders who were in qualifiers. Everyone was over shredding one side of the mountain and I felt like I needed to work my way down my line which was a couple ridges over. I hiked my ass to the top of a line I had built this year which also incorporated some old moves from 2008. I was making my way down under the radar from the rest of the crowds aside from a couple camera men. I made my way down a couple gnarly patches and came to one of the final stepdowns in the line. I had hit this thing before and thought I had the speed all figured out.

When made my final entry into it, I gave it a couple extra pedal strokes just to be on the safe side. This ended up being my downfall. Since the tranny of this jump was short and steep, those 2 extra pedal strokes were enough to clear most of the landing. While I was rolling in I noticed that the run-in felt much faster than before and as I took off I knew instantly that I had WAY TOO MUCH SPEED. I saw the landing disappear underneath me and knew I was going to be in for a heavy landing. I can’t really remember how my leg would have snapped but I suspect it was from digging into the ground so deep that my foot caught in the dirt or a rock OR When I crashed I may have impacted on a rock somewhere at the bottom.

Photo: Stef Cande WWW.stefcande.COM

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Some POD’s

Photo by: Ryan Flett

A few months ago I showed people how to build a large booter when there was little to NO dirt in the area but never showed the photo of when I hit it. These 2 were shot by my good friend Ryan Flett and have totaled over 70,000 views on pinkbike.com

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Feelin’ Good…

Feelin’ Good.

You know when you’re riding down a trail and things are feeling so good, you’re one with the bike and feeling like the your flowing down the trail like running water? That’s happened to me a few time this year, more than any other year come to think. The bike and I are one with the trail, and I really mean that. I can feel every bit of it underneath me, and I can almost see, just by the feel of the ride, how my bike is reacting to the ground it was specifically designed to handle. I am riding on perfection.

photo by: Margus Riga

The RPT’s (Revelations Per Trail) have been much higher lately. I get those when I’m ripping a trail enough to the point where it becomes a meditative state (Yes this happens to me sometimes, yes I’m from Nelson BC, no I don’t smoke a lot of weed) It’s because this year I’ve taken more time to just ride my bike for myself. When I was young I didn’t take much time to just go out and ride, it was more about making a career out of it and only going out if there was something to film. Now I make sure I take the time to ride with friends and leave the obligations behind. It’s the way it is meant to be. I don’t live in a big populated area, I don’t have chair lift or training facilities, I just have an F-250 and lot of great friends.

photo by: Margus Riga

Photo by: Margus Riga

As a Pro rider, we sometimes worry so much about being the best or the business side of it, that we forget just how rad of a sport mountain biking is, and I think that can slow us down. A while ago I was at a point where nothing was exciting me and I was starting to loose my stoke for life, It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I realized this and just went out for as many fun rides as I could that I became a better rider. Early this year I took some time off to ride only for myself and it has made such a difference in not only my ability but how much I LOVE riding bikes and living life.

wall rides are fun!

We are so lucky to be able to ride bikes. Very lucky!!! Don’t ever take it for granted. over 99% of the world doesn’t get to experience what we do when we ride out bikes. Teach others to ride, build trails, keep shredding, have fun and get some RPT’s notched on your belt, or chain, knee pads, or whatever. ”

teaching the kiddies

shredding with friends


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