Teva Mountain Games – Video

I cant believe that the contest season has already started! This weekend was Teva Mountain games which is located in Vail Colorado. Last year went really well for me! I ended up winning slope style and Dual Stunt. This year I ended up winning Dual Stunt and 2nd in Slope Style. Pretty stoked how the weekend went. Check out some of the pics

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First Annual Paul Bas Invitational

A weekend full of tricks, chicks, and lots of fun!

The first annual Paul Bass invitational just wrapped up last weekend. Riders from all over the world came to show off their gambling skills. Gram Agassiz ended up taking the most poker chips home, while Andrew Taylor won best line.


Paul Bass flipwhipping at his home course.
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All In or Nothin’ Invitational


The first annual Paul Bass “All in or nothin’ invitational,” contest is happening this Saturday in Minden, Nevada. Athletes from all around the world will be attending showing their gambling skills. The format is each rider will buy a 100$ worth of poker chips and place a bet before each trick. They have the opportunity to double and triple their money or lose it all!
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The Basagoitia Compound

I’ve been building this little jewel on my chunk of land for a while now. Here’s a little webedit my friend Jorge Alvarez put together. Enjoy!

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Crankworxs Colorado

Hey everyone just got back from Winterpark Colorado for Crankworxs. The riding this year was absolutely nuts! Everyone was riding really well!

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Claymore Challenge

Last weekend we had are first slopestyle contest of the year. It took place in the most humidity place ever, New Hampshire. If anyone has ever been there they know what I’m talking about. I couldn’t even do one single run with out my shirt becoming completely soaked in sweat. But overall the contest was great! Everyone rode really well and had a great time. Brandon Semenuk ended up getting first, Greg Watts 2nd, and I ended up at 3rd. Check out the runs at


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Teva Mountain Games

Speed trials were a big shock for me! I had never ridden this style in my life so I wasn’t expecting to do well. The last time I did any type of racing was when I was 12, and that was on a BMX bike, so my confidence wasn’t really there. First round I ended up going against last year’s winner Adam Hauck. I was pretty pumped on going against Hauck just because I would rather go against the fastest guy in the first round just to get it over with.



It was a really close race! I ended up beating Hauck by 15-hundredths of a second. After beating Hauck I knew I had a good chance of actually winning the whole thing! (continue reading…)

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The Compound

What’s going on everyone? The last 6 months been pretty crazy for me! From going to Europe 3 times since February to getting my compound up to shape. Next stop for me is the Teva Mountain games this weekend check out some of the photos from my place.

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