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Well I haven’t been home in over a month, its been none stop go go go.  6 contests in 5 weeks.  Here is a couple photos.  When I get home Ill gets some more stuff up!

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Chilling for the ferry

On the way to Port Angeles for the first North West Cup event. Took over 2 hours for the boarder and then the Ferry in Tonwsend took nearly 3! Forgot about the long weekend.
We shot some photos to kill some time.

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Building a play ground

During the summer, a really good friend of mine, Dave, approached about building in his yard.  He knew that I would need a place of my own to ride when ever if I was to continue to compete with the best in the world and be in constant contention at contests.

He had a spot in mind. He said,  ’It was in the trees, the dirt was amazing to dig with and there was already a rolling built.  Oh and there is a tractor to dig with.  It would have been a really hard proposition to say no too.  He is cool with me building what ever I want.  Only thing he wanted was a smaller set of tables in order to learn and progress on as he would probably not be comfortable on riding the lines I built at first.

Construction started in the middle of October.  The location has a slight grade to it making it perfect.

When we started to dig, the ground was incredibly dry.  Just like moon dust.  Reminded me of Kelowna or Kamloops.  After day of piling we had a lot accomplished.  The landing were piled for the first two jumps in the big set, as well as the two smaller jumps to the right.

Since then the rain has made the dirt much easier to work with and everything is packing in really nicely.

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My Knock Out AT Trip

November always means a Cali trip.  Which is always awesome.  The weather in BC has turned for the worse and the sun will not be visible for at least another 5 months.

I picked up my Morpheus Cycles team mate Anthony after he was done school and we were off.  15 hours of driving, too many fast food stops and a short night in a shady motel we finally saw the outline of the city of love, San Fransico. We arrived Thursday evening.  Checked into hotel and got some much needed sleep.  We woke and quickly got ready to head to the course as practice for the show was about to begin. The course was awesome.  I was super pumped to start riding.  I got all my gear on and got set to drop in.  I followed Mad Loc Max into the blue line for my first run.  I landed and just tagged the landing, and stopped since Max stopped.  Second run I dropped in behind Martin Soberstrom, who was following Andreu Laconeguy.  I popped the lip on the step down a tinny bit thinking that Martin would have perfect speed as he had hit a bunch of times.  He followed Andreu’s speed, Andreu scrubbed the drop, landing perfect, Martin just rode off the lip, landing 4-5 down the landing and I landed 8-9 feet to far since I had popped it.  My left hand blew off bar because of the harsh impact and fell onto the left side, head slamming the pavement.  ZzZzZzZz  I was asleep. The next 5-6 minutes I do not remember a thing.  This is what I have been able to piece together; Everyone heard me hit the ground. Those that saw it noted that after the first hit I just bounced with no life to me, I was out. I slid with my bike.  My head kept bouncing off the ground 3-4 times.

I didn’t start to come around for 20-30 seconds.  The medics were on site right away.  I had dirt in my teeth and kept trying to spit it out.  The medic’s first question was, “Mitch do you know were you are?”  Turns out I’m a very honest and straight forward person when I am out it.  I responded, “Ya, lying on the fricken ground.”  They asked me to guess again, “North Vancouver.”  ”Coquitlam?”  Nope.  ”Portland!?”  At  least I was getting closer! Anthony came and gave me my phone and wallet since I would need those at the hospital.  I don’t remember that, I just awoke with them, thanks buddy!  He also wanted to know where the keys to the van were incase they had to come and get me.  Another honest answer came from me, “Anthony, I am not in any condition right now to be remember something like that.”

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New Proto Hardtail

New Hard tail Just built up. New bars, stem and cranks. feels so good! its lighter and stiffer than the last prototype. The geometry is even more dialed. Should be available early 2012!

Full Spec:

Frame: 2012 Morpheus DJ

Fork: Fox Shox 32 831 at 100mm

Wheels: Industry Nine Endruo’s

Tires: Maxxis Ikon 2.2 3C EXC EXO

Cranks: Race Face Turbine 170mm 32 tooth Race Face single speed ring

Bar: Race Face Atlas cut to 29.5″

Stem: Race Face Respond 45mm

Grips: Race Face Sniper Black Lock On

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So pumped to be home,  the season is wrapping up and I am stoked to get some new projects rolling. Lots of things to build and shoot this winter.

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