2012 Season Update

Wow! What season, I mean this year I’ve done more racesĀ  then I have ever done in one year. I started in January at the Allison Dunlap Race in Fairfield OH and just finished at the Iceman last weekend in Traverse City, MI. A total of fifteen races that took me all around the midwest. It was a crazy year.

I moved up from Junior to Cat 3 and expected to finish middle of the pack and ready to learn from my peers. Imagine my surprise with 14 podium finishes and 6 first places. I topped the season off as a WORS Junior Champion and a 2hour33min finish in the Iceman. My first race over 12 miles ever(30.7) and I was completely pooped! It was fun but incredibly hard. OK not really fun, but I finished and that was good by me.

With 2 overall top 10 finishes, I have a mandatory move up to Cat 2 and I am looking forward to the challenge and excitement that brings. It is still a ways away and I am going to try and enjoy the off season with basketball and a few Cross races thrown in for fun. There are still more updates and pictures to upload so keep tuned and thanks for reading.

I sure do feel short.......

I would like to thank RaceFace, Norway Bikes, and All Spoked up for their continued support for an unbelievable season! I could not have done it without all of you. No seriously, I couldn’t.

Nate K

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