Family 2010

Recently snapped a couple pics of my bikes.

Banshee Legend MKII w/ Atlas FR goodies, Evolve post, and Sniper grips.

Banshee Rune w/ the super light and backcountry burly SIXC bar and crankset, Atlas AM stem, Dues post, and Sniper grips.

Both these bikes destroy their respective genres! I’ve become accustomed to referring to the Rune as my “magic bike” since it performs so well in so many situations. One day we’ll be happily accumulating long miles of backcountry exploring together while the next day we’ll throw down some downhill shuttles and stunts. Here’s a quick video from the Island Cup #1 in Cumberland where I pedaled the access road a couple times and poached the race course before shooting photos in the afternoon.

The Legend is obviously a pure downhill machine, but it still manages to feel nimble and active on the technical moves and jumps. Here’s a quick edit that Aaron LaRocque and I put together as part of a series of videos he did for Banshee bikes. You can check the rest of them here.

Of course the family album wouldn’t be complete without a couple snaps of my one-week old baby boy. Stoked on the new job title of “Dad”.


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