North Vancouver, BC
Date of Birth
January 31
Other Sponsors
Rocky Mountain, SR Suntour, Giro, Kingsbridge Disaster Recovery, Ryders Eyewear, EVOC, Easton
Career Highlights
Filming for Greg Stumps “Pulp Traction” in ’95, riding steeps and hucking cliffs for the Kranked movies, being a member of the Froriders (the worlds first pro freeride team), travelling the world, being the first pro freerider for Specialized, going back to my roots and rejoining the Rocky Mountain family, being ranked 3rd Canadian three years in a row on the Snowboard World Cup, and winning the Canadian Grand National Boardercross Championships. Being inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, 2010.
Best riding spot ever?
When you’re not riding you are?
Wishing I was riding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, playing frizbee, surfing the net, hanging out with my beautiful girls.
What would you like to see more of in mountain biking?
More trails! More steeps in movies.
What was your first bike like?
It was a hand me down girls bike from my cousin…but at least it was blue.
Do you have any new projects/trips coming up?
Yep, going to the Garda Lake Bike Festival in Italy! I was invited by Dirk Janz the prez of Rocky Mountain Europe to kiss hands and shake babies, sign autographs, go on some photo shoots, guided shuttle runs.
Can you tell us something not many people know about you?
I can blow bubbles out my eyes and have an eyeball phobia, I was a World Cup Snowboard GS racer for years and was once the Canadian Grand National Boardercross Champion.
Last book you read?
Just a magazine addict actually. When I learned to read, I read all about the dangers of partying…so I gave up reading!
If you have an alter ego, what is its name?
Tterb Eippit (my name backwards)
What did you do last weekend?
Rode my bike of course, and raced in the Neil Edgeworth Banked Slalom. 1st in my category!
Worst situation you’ve ever been in?
Had a job being a liftie, watching other people shred.
What would your ideal day consist of?
Hanging with my family and friends and riding snowboards in the morning and loamy dirt on my mtb in the afternoon.
3 bands you like?
Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Tool
3 mags you read?
BIKE, Decline, Dirt
3 videos you enjoy?
Kranked, NWD, Lifecycles
3 websites you frequent?
Pinkbike, NSMB, Facebook,
3 gadgets you can't live without?
Niterider mtb lights, cell phone, Mac Book Pro
3 people you respect?
Eric Carter, Peaty, Aggy
3 new trends?
Pedalling, trails that are buffed out, and more bombs. (babes on mountain bikes)
3 ways to spend your money?
Hi octane gas for my 800cc sled, lotsa magazines, and eating out.
Tomorrow I will be...?
…a day younger.
I've never...?
said never.
I'd like...?
to go for a Niteride right now.
Next year...?
I will be one year younger.
I think having a blog is...?
going to be cool.
Life is...?
life. Na na na na naaaaaah. Doodoodoo doo doo doot!
Any wisdom or last words?
Try the Zen burger…”one with everything”.