Burnaby BC
Date of Birth
Aug 11, 1978
Other Sponsors
Knolly, iXS, Adidas Eyewear, Manituou, Hayes, Spank, Straitline, Evoc, Lizard Skins and Maxxis
Career Highlights
Video apperances in CKD, Roam and Kranked 7
Best riding spot ever?
When you’re not riding you are?
Working or hanging with family/friends
What would you like to see more of in mountain biking?
Coporate sponsorship, moustaches and mullets
What was your first bike like?
Diamondback…can’t remember the model name
Do you have any new projects/trips coming up?
Cache Creek filming trip, working on web videos for Magura, Race Face, Knolly and Sombrio. Also filming with Digger on his last video…NSX 10
Can you tell us something not many people know about you?
Just got engaged to the best split tail ever!
Last book you read?
Angels and Demons
If you have an alter ego, what is its name?
What did you do last weekend?
Shot photo’s with Margus Riga and filmed with Digger
Worst situation you’ve ever been in?
Braelorn mountain 4 hr’s away from the closest hospital. My bro mangles himself on his sled, breaks his ribs and punctures a lung. Not fun
What would your ideal day consist of?
Heli drop first thing in the morning, ski a few thousand vertial feet in less than a minute. Snowmobile out of the back country. Play a round of Golf. Hit the Wistler Park shredding with some bro’s on a nice sunny day. Beers and dinner with friends/family afterwards. Spend the remanider of the evening with my girl for some quality time.
3 bands you like?
ACDC, Rise Against, Rod Stewart
3 mags you read?
Bike, Decline, Mountain Bike
3 videos you enjoy?
Disorder, Collective, CKD
3 websites you frequent?
Pinkbike, NSMB, Race Face
3 gadgets you can't live without?
Cell phone/BB, dvd/tv for watchin funny movies and toys with engines
3 people you respect?
My girl, brother and my parents
3 new trends?
Trends in my world include tight pants…gay. If you can’t fit your pads underneath your pants because they are so tight you shouldn’t wear them. Web marketing…good and bad in my opinion. Good becuase it gives companies a viable way to promote thier products to thier target market. Bad because we are all turning into inverts communicating thru computers vs. good old fashion jaw waggling. I’ll get back to you on a 3rd.
3 ways to spend your money?
Family, friends and coctails!!!!
Tomorrow I will be...?
working in the am…on deck to shoot photos if the weather is good. Preparing for an Island trip
I've never...?
not been rad…ha
I'd like...?
to see mountain biking get 10 times bigger. I would like to see slopestyle or dh racing find a place in X Games or the Olympics.
Next year...?
Will come when it comes…enjoying today
I think having a blog is...?
A good way to connect with more people
Life is...?
pretty f’n sweet
Any wisdom or last words?
Enjoy what you have…it could be gone tomorrow. Drink Lucky!