Date of Birth
a long time ago….
Career Highlights
Riding bikes a lot, racing and not racing. Playing music all over North America. Working for cool bike companies
Best riding spot ever?
When you’re not riding you are?
Talking bikes…..or playing music
What would you like to see more of in mountain biking?
I would like to see more ‘mountain biking’ – big mountain terrain and lines.
What was your first bike like?
The usual department store ‘mountain’ bike, that I kicked the sh*t out of while building jumps in the backyard as a kid.
Can you tell us something not many people know about you?
I have a sweet baseball hat collection and I can sing real pretty….
Last book you read?
The Gum Thief -Douglas Coupland
If you have an alter ego, what is its name?
What did you do last weekend?
I can’t remember…
Worst situation you’ve ever been in?
I really shouldn’t speak of that here…..
What would your ideal day consist of?
A crisp road ride in the morning, then some sweet shuttles on the shore, followed by some beers and BBQ in someones backyard. Then go either jam out some tunes with my boys or go watch a great band play.
3 bands you like?
Fugazi, Rush, The Mars Volta
3 mags you read?
Bike, Adbusters , and VeloNews
3 videos you enjoy?
Seasons, Roam, Triplets of Belleville
3 websites you frequent?;;
3 gadgets you can't live without?
Cell Phone, Bottle opener, and Guitar amps
3 people you respect?
My Dad, Johnny Tomac, and Lance Armstrong
3 ways to spend your money?
as a great man once said before me – ‘Wine, women, and song’